Archivio quotidiano

Archivio Quotidiano was a collaborative intervention with the German artist Felix Ruffert, and part of TRANSMISSION/PLAZAMARKET.05 – a small community of artists touring the North-Eastern territory of Italy, experimenting with new ways of interacting with the local population within the context of popular markets, organized by progettozeropiù (June 2006).

Archivio Quotidiano was a game proposed to passersby finalized in a lottery. By spinning the bicycle wheel, the participants (market-goers), casually produced indications from which the artists would go in search of a place or item to photograph. The photographs were immediately printed onto index cards and placed on empty cartons found in the same market, thus creating a random photo archive as the day went on, climaxing with the prizing of a kilo of oranges to a winning participant via a lottery draw.

Performative intervention in collaboration with Felix Ruffert.