⋅ 2018
Little Interpreters, LE CAP, Saint Fons (F) (solo show)
Languages in Danger/ous Languages, Homesession, Barcelona (E) (solo show)

⋅ 2017
Juntos Aparte / Together Apart, part of the first BienalSur, Museo del centenario, Cucúta (CO) (group show)
Premi Guasch Coranty,
Valls Biennal (ES) 
Too Soon, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, (CAD) (group show)
La consultoría de la tácticas, performance at RANDOM Hangar, Barcelona (E)
Vang, Photography, Landscape and Archaeology, Kunstcentrum, Ronneby (SW), (group show)
Loop Discover Finalist Exhibition, Estrella Damm Factory, Barcelona (E) (group show)
Another Place, Frith Street Gallery, London (UK) (dual show)
Beyond Boundaries: Art by Email, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, (UK) (group show)
EXPOSITION, Lopez Museum, Pasig City (PHL) (group show)
Montacargas, Hangar, Barcelona (E) (group show)
Mezomaro, Museu deCultures del Món, Barcelona (E) (solo intervention)

⋅ 2016
Acta 33: The Artist and the Stone, Fondació Suñol, Barcelona (ES) (solo show)
Border Imag(e)naries,
Galería Àngels ESPAI 2, Barcelona (ES)
Los Lugares Amenos, Cce, Montevideo (UY)
Los Lugares Amenos, Espacio AB9, Murcia (ES)

⋅ 2015
TRANSLOCATIONS, Centre d’Arts Santa Mónica, Barcelona (E) (group show)
to Disconfirm, GallleriaPiù, Bologna (I) (group show)

⋅ 2014
Lugar Amenos, Espacio AB9, Murcia (E) (group show)
The Technical Unconscious, in collaboration with the FBAUP, Porto (PT) (group show)
Old Enough to Remember, Kunstuniversitat Linz (AT) (group show)

⋅ 2013
Displacement Reactions, Di.st.urb, Scafati (I) (group show)
Town Council, public intervention with Galerija SIZ, Rijeka (HR) (solo intervention)

⋅ 2012
Politikaction: Il sistema è la crisi, Di.st.urb, Scafati (I) (group show)

⋅ 2011
I miei anni invisibili: Part 02, Artissima Lido, Turin Contemporary Art Fair (I)
Un’altro mondo è ancora possible?, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa (I) (group show)
VOLUME COLLECTION, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka (HR)/Art Radionica Lazzareti, Dubrovnik (HR)/ Multimedijalni Kulturni Centar, Split (HR) (group show)
ORARIO, public intervention, Treviso (I) (double-solo project)

⋅ 2010
Fondata sul Lavoro, Spaziocorale, Milan (I) (group show)
My Favourite Things, Galleria Civica di Mestre (I) (group show)

⋅ 2009
In Attesa di… (in collaboration with Matteo Guidi), Fondazione March (Padua) and Lago Factory, Villa del Conte, Padua (I) (double-solo show)

⋅ 2008
Dating, Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) (group show)
Europa presente, Chiesa dell’Incoronata, Naples, (I) (group show)

⋅ 2006
Dis-Orders, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice (I) (group show)

⋅ 2005
The Flag Project, Bethnal Green Road, London (UK) (group show)
Projected Visions, SESC de Artes – Mediterrane, São Paulo (BR) (group show)
I Love Art Video, Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg, (FR) (group show)

⋅ 2004
War, Peace etc., Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice (I) (group show)


⋅ 2018
Leish La’a? – screening at the Festival de video de l’École d’arte de Carcassonne (F)
Mezomaro – screening as part of LOOP Barcelona Discover Award 2017, at GlogauAIR Berlin (D)

⋅ 2017
Screening and artist’s talk at the University of Barcelona, Fine Arts Department (E)
Seminar on Cross-Section of an Unlearning Process, MONOS Editions, University of Barcelona Faculty of Philosophy (E)
Screening and artists talk of Mezomaro at IDEA Z, Paris (F)
Screening and artists talk of Mezomaro at Angels Films, àngels barcelona (E)
Visiting artist at the Slade School of Fine Art MA programme, London (UK)

⋅ 2016
Screening of Mezomaro at Migration World Cinema, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem (NL)
Session within the context of BAU School of Design Master in Research and Experimentation, Hangar, Barcelona (E)

⋅ 2015
Presentation of the state of the art of The Artist and the Stone, Fabra i Coats Arts Factory, Barcelona (ES)

⋅ 2014
Book launch and presentation of Cross-Section of an Unlearning Process, Monos Editions (NO/I), La Canibal, Barcelona (E)
The Artist and the Stone / Porto Sessions, Cooperativo dos Pedreiros in collaboration with the Faculdade de Belas Artes de la Universidade do Porto (PT)
Art Practices in the Face of Constraint, round table discussion organized within the framework of The Artist and the Stone project at Hangar, Barcelona (E)
The Artist and the Stone, screening and debate, Hangar, Barcelona (E)

⋅ 2013
Screening In Between Camps, Akademie der Kunste der Welt, Cologne (D)
Screening of LOOP: An Observatory in the Ancient Roman Pool of Arroub Refugee Camp, F.A.C.K. Festival, Cesena (I)

⋅ 2012
Screening of PASTIME: WALK at the International Academy Of Art Palestine, Ramallah (PS)
The Work of Art. Forms of Constituent Resistance, Palazzo Reale, Milan (I)


⋅ 2017
Investigating Language and Power Dynamics, Critical English for Art and Culture Workers, Hangar Centre for Artistic Research and Production, Escola Massana Art University of Barcelona, University of Barcelona, PEI – Experimental Research Programme, MACBA, Barcelona (E)

⋅ September 2016 – March 2017
Guest Researcher in Residency, MACBA, Barcelona (E)

⋅ 2014 – 2016
Long-term resident at Hangar, Barcelona (E)

⋅ October 2015
Workshop within the framework of Cagliari Italian Capital of Culture, Cagliari (I)

⋅ October 2014
Workshop and residency within the context of the Soft Control/Technical Unconscious Cultural Project, October, Porto (PT)

⋅ January – March 2013
Research period with the Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency, Bethlehem (PS)

⋅ June 2012
Artist in residence at Kamov (Rijeka) (HR)

⋅ May 2012
Artist in residence at the Jerusalem Centre of Visual Arts (IL)

⋅ July 2008
Residency/workshop, Casino Luxembourg, Forum d’Art Contemporain, University of Luxembourg and le Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette (LU)

⋅ January 2008
Invited to hold workshops at l’Ecole Européenne Supérieur des Arts et Techniques de l’Image, Angoulême and Poitiers (F)

⋅ 2006 – 2007
Artist in residence, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, ex-convento di SS. Cosma and Damiano, Venice (I)