I miei anni invisibili

Part I. My Invisible Years is both a self-portrait and a generalized critique on the condition of precarious employment in contemporary Italy. The video consists of a single take of hands turning the blank pages of the recently obsolete libretto di lavoro (work booklet) and is subtitled with comments that contrast the formal and antiquated terminology of the booklet.

This play on language parallels the discrepancies with which employment is treated by politicians and the media. The subtitles make reference to a third text, a CV near the monitor, outlining my legal and illegal work and residences during the period of January 2003 – December 2007, printed with both black and invisible ink, viewable using a black light.

DV video, 4’, CVs on A4 paper, UV lamp
Year: 2008

Exhibited at Fondata sul Lavoro, Spaziocorale, Milan (I), 2010, Bookmarks, S.A.L.E. Docks, Venice (I), 2014

Part II.
 curriculum vitaes are repeatedly edited by the subject; each time the contents are filtered to suit specific requirements. But what if all of one’s professional experiences are transcribed? Through a collection of CVs gathered in Italy, the project registers the entire work histories of the participants. A sample of contemporary Italy that confronts a real social sitiuation, I miei anni invisibili (My Invisible Years) operates as a filing of working lives. Printed with light-sensitive invisible ink, the piece highlights irregular labour, or rather, that which one does not or cannot always declare.

CVs on A4 paper, binder, UV lamp
Year: 2009-2011

Exhibited at Artissima Lido, Turin Contemporay Art Fair (I), 2011