Trialogue between Three Enduring Fictions

Selected for Lightning Studies: Centre for the Translation of Constraints, Conflicts and Contaminations, Megan Michalak and Giuliana Racco co-developed a performance piece loosely inspired by readings of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe.

The script unfolded as a trialogue between three fictional characters: A Deserted Island, a Cannibal and the Anthropobscene and was composed of original texts, excerpts from Oswald de Andrade’s Cannibalist Manifesto as well as a Spanish audiobook of Defoe’s novel.

Accompanied by translator/artist/interpreter Ruben Verdu. Trialogue was performed before an audience at Hangar, Barcelona as a psycho-poetic interpretation of themes of colonialism, patriarchalism and capitalist self-destruction.

Year: 2015

September-December 2016, presented within the context of EXPOSITION, Lopez Museum, Pasig City (PHL)
February 2016, presented live at Hangar, Barcelona (E)