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Produced for the waiting room of a furniture factory, this work hinging on the different moments of waiting in both personal and professional life, unfolds through the device of the magazine, traditional tool for passing time in these types of spaces. Yet rather than a fiction, the reader is faced with documentary material in the form of the fotonovela. Through photographs and interviews, the workers of the factory become the social actors of the location in question – protagonists of stories dealing with time and waiting.

Foto-novela offset print on paper, colour, 20×28 cm, 44 pp.
Year: 2009

In collaboration with Matteo Guidi.

Exhibited at:
Art waiting Room, Lago Factory, Padua (I), 2009
My Favorite Things, Galleria Civica di Mestre, Venice (I), 2010
Italianitudine, Battistero del Museo del Duomo, Udine (I), 2012